friday odds and ends

Life is passing pretty quickly these days -- can you believe February will be here in just over a week? In fact, the last couple of weeks, I was sure that Wednesday was Thursday and Thursday was Friday. So, when Friday has actually come around, I'm completely confused.

Anyway, we don't have a lot planned for the weekend. I'd like to run up to Lowe's to find a light fixture and drawer pulls because we're expanding our master closet and I'm super pumped!

Work on the closet starts Monday, so I'll do a little before post and definitely an after. 


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Currently we have one long hanging rod in the closet that John and I share. I think I have 25% of my clothes actually hanging in the closet and the other 75% is still in boxes. We'll have built in shelves for shoes and a build in dresser with shelves above for linens or sweaters. Whatever our large-closet-loving hearts desire. 


Back in November, my girlfriend invited me to join a little book club. The first book was The Husband's Secret. It was good; I finished it in under 2 weeks. Of course, the night of the meeting changed last minute from Thursday to Tuesday, and I had to miss the first one. I was really bummed. 

Our current book is Goldfinch. I'm only 18 pages in, but it's intriguing so far. 

I know I mentioned in my On the Radar post that I'm looking into cutting my hair and donating it, but I've made a hair appointment for this Thursday. I'm not sure if I'll take the plunge this week or get a trim and then wait another six weeks to actually chop it off. 


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I used to always have short hair, but since I'm notoriously awful at making regular hair appointments, my hair is now super long. I'm looking forward to a change and I can't help but be excited that my hair could help someone in need.

Ok, friends, that's it for me. Have a fabulous weekend.