Five on Friday

Instead of lamenting the fact that I'm terrible about consistent blog posts, I'm just going to get to it.


One month ago our monster man turned 3. He spent the better part of the 2 weeks leading up the big day asking if it was his birthday yet or not. When the day finally came, he was THRILLED!! "It's my birtday! It's my birtday!"

It's so crazy how much he's changed in the past year, most especially in the last few months. I know back in February I mentioned that Jack's school was starting to potty train him. We've been through our fair share of FRUSTRATING moments [everyone says boys are harder than girls and I have to say they're probably right], but in the last two weeks we've definitely turned a corner. [I'm really hoping that I didn't just jinx ourselves by typing that out for all to see.] 

Fewer accidents and more asking to go potty. Yeah!

We had a Lightening McQueen party last weekend. Of course we didn't have anyone designated as the photographer and I have no pictures. Oh well, we had a great time!


I'm OB-SESSED lately with fashion bloggers. I cannot get enough! I've added several fashion bloggers to my IG reel and find myself constantly checking their feed or searching for them on Pinterest for daily fashion inspiration. 

Some of my current faves: Pink Peonies (she has really cool yet still relatable style), Adorn Yourself Accordingly (some unexpected combinations), The Sweetest Thing, A Spoonful of Style, Style as You May (I know her from high school ... loving what she's posted so far!) and Gal meets Glam.

Theses girls kind of make me want to be a fashion blogger, but clearly I don't have the dedication :)


I've decided to take the Contentment Challenge

Over the last few months, I've been TERRIBLE about saving and instead, I find myself jumping on every sale I see. We currently have our house on the market, so adding more stuff is counter-intuitive. We'd like to be paring down, not adding. 

So, I'm taking the leap. Lara Casey mentioned it last fall/winter and I've been intrigued since! 

Wish me luck ... I'm probably going to need it.


floral dress | crystal earrings | striped shorts | black embossed clutch

R+F macroexfoliator | sunglasses | embellished sandals

Since I won't be buying anything soon, I've put together a "Longing for ..." graphic with everything I would buy if I could.


I'm getting back to running. 

Since I ran a half marathon more than 4 years ago [seriously, how has it been 4 years?!?!], I have basically become sedentary and had two babies which makes it more difficult to get back at it. But, I know how good I feel after I've run, so I have to keep reminding myself of that feeling to get my bum out the door. My ultimate goal is to run the OKC Memorial half next year. 

My current running playlist is full of perennial faves like American Boy by Estelle, Hey Ma by Cam'rom, lots of Bruno Mars, Dr. Dre and Snoop. But, I feel like it's still a little stale. Send some song suggestions my way!