Lane: 4 months

Once again, I'm weeks behind on these monthly updates on our girl. But, better late than never, right? 

Lane turned 4 months on March 16. We had her 4 month check up on March 25.

Stats: Officially she was 13 lbs. 10 oz. (32%), 23 3/4 inches (15%) and 15 1/4 inch head circumference (5%). Lane is still in size 1 diapers and in mostly 3 month clothes. She can still fit in some 0-3 month and is starting to fit in some 3-6 months.

Sleep: Still a great sleeper, Lane gets a bottle after her bath around 6:15ish and goes to bed about 7 or 715. We dropped the dreamfeed on Feb. 22. I'm a bad mom and dreaded it most nights. It was supposed to be around 9 pm, and each night I'd push it later and later. When we dropped it she didn't miss a beat though. Lane was taking 5-6 oz at each feedings, 5 bottles a day. A few nights in a row she was so upset at bedtime and I finally figured out it was because she was still hungry. So we moved her up to 6-7 oz/bottle and we haven't had any issues. 

Playtime: Lane loves to try to sitting up. She's not really happy unless she's sitting up looking out at things; which means, she loves the Bumbo. She has started reaching for objects and can occasionally grab one or bat at the toys hanging on her playmat. Tummy time is much less of a chore these days and she's gotten great at lifting her head and chest.

Milestones: At the beginning of March I was in a wedding in Dallas so she spent her first nights away from home with John's parents. We are so blessed with a good baby who had no issues while in a new place. Also, she has started laughing! Baby laughs are THE BEST! So far, Lane is one of those babies that hits a milestone (smiling, rolling, laughing) and then doesn't do it again for a few weeks or so. We've heard laughs, but she doesn't give them out to just anyone :)

This girl has been the best addition to our little family and we couldn't be more in love!