recent design: American Cancer Society's Cattle Baron's Ball (underwriting packet)

This is my second time doing the ACS underwriting packet cover for the annual Cattle Baron's Ball. I was really excited that Devyn contacted me again in September or October about being a part of this event again. 

The overall theme of the event is going to be art deco + western accents. 

I got to work, making an inspiration pin board in Pinterest here and had a few ideas of my own. 


I really enjoyed coming with up with a few ways to mesh art deco with western elements and ended up sending 3 options to choose from.

The first used simple gold metallic stripes and an oversized, high-interest art deco frame. The gold swatch was echoed in the Cattle Baron's Ball text and the CBB logo.

Devyn mentioned that she might want to incorporate white lights to echo the venue's signature white patio lights. So, the second option used a confetti-type pattern I'd made for an invitation. Again, I used the gold swatch to add a luxurious feel to the garland.

And, the third option used a larger, gold art deco frame spanning the height of the cover. I could never find an art deco  font that I really loved, so I attempted to add a little interest to one I liked. I think with a little more time and care, it could have worked out.

Through several revisions, including making the cover look more western, rather than nautical, and changing the gold to a more copper color, we came up with the final file. 


The pinstripes were changed to the copper gradiant and a more western looking font was used for Cattle Baron's Ball. Once all of the elements were completed, the stripes, CBB text and the CBB logo were all given a distressed treatment. The art deco frame from the first cover option is mirrored on the back of the cover for the OKC ACS information (address, telephone, website, etc.). 

Overall, I'm really happy with how the cover turned out for the 2014 Ball. I think changing the color scheme to the copper color really warmed things up and the distressing further enhanced the usual rugged, western theme.