2013 goal assessment

See my 2013 goals posted here.

Last year, I hustled to put together some goals for 2013, and while I did make some strides, I kind of forgot about them about 3 months into the year. So, for assessment's sake, let's assess.

{ one } exceed 2012 revenue

To be perfectly honest, I don't know if I did or not. I think I did, but in the last few months, I've been pondering on the realization that the design work I'm doing is not all about money. Sure, extra income is always nice, but I enjoy designing as a creative outlet and the fact that people pay me for it is an added bonus. Plus, I had baby #2 in November which slowed things down a lot ... especially the end of the year push for holiday cards, etc. 

{ two } Brainstorm, sketch, create, price and post at least 3 new designs each quarter

Well, this was a big, fat fail. I added new designs to my Etsy store, but some of those were jobs I'd done for close friends. I can definitely say that life got in the way of this one. That, and sometimes distractions get the better of me.

{ three } Have confidence in my skills + ideas

This one is a work in progress. I'd say I've made some strides, but I definitely could keep work on this one.

{ four } Try to learn different art mediums.

I'd call this one a fail also. I signed up for Watercolor and was so excited about it! But, I barely participated in the class and only watched one or two of the videos, meaning I didn't really learn a thing. I'd like to keep this one on my goals for 2014 with a slight modification: indulge my inner artist more -- paint! color! use sidewalk chalk! I'd love to take classes at the Firehouse Art Center, but I'd also like to take some "me" time and paint -- it's something I've always enjoyed!


I don't have my 2014 goals set in stone just yet, but I've been pondering on them a lot lately. Lara Casey has blogged a 5 step goal setting series and I plan to follow that (and use my Powersheets!) to come up with good, achievable goals. Also, I'd like to do quarterly assessments of those goals to keep me on track. I'm putting it all out on the table on the blog, so keep me accountable!