Five on Friday

It's been weeks since I joined in on the Five on Friday fun.  

 [ one ]


Today I am 27 weeks with baby no. 2. We still don't know what we're having and, at this point, we'll be keeping it that way. Although I'd love to sneak a peek into my chart and find out, I know John prefers to keep it a surprise, so that's what we'll do. 

And, even crazier, I have not bought a single thing for this new baby, nor have I gone through Jack's baby stuff to find anything that might work for a winter newborn. Poor thing ... it's already feeling the effects of being the second child!  

I've been feeling pretty good, but am definitely finding things getting more and more difficult. 

 [ two ]

Starting nearly two Sundays ago, my left eye was red and really weepy (sorry...) and by the next morning it was red and totally nasty. I went to the doctor and he confirmed that it was pink eye -- that eventually spread to my right eye. And now, nearly 2 weeks later, I'm finally turning the corner and getting a little relief.  

I don't think I've ever had pink eye before, but of course, I got the viral kind and, let me tell ya ... it's awful!  

Waking up for more than 10 days with your eyes matted shut, wearing glasses all the time and having tired, dry, itchy eyes for that long is almost unbearable! But, knock-on-wood, neither Jack nor John have caught it!  

[ three ]  


Monday night, after John mowed, Jack played in the water hose. It's one of his very favorite things to do.  

Our neighbor came outside and he kept running up to her and telling her "I'm wet!" "Another one!" and "Watch!!" I took a super cute video and posted it on Instagram (are you following me??) After only a few minutes he was soaked and loving every single minute of it!

 [ four ]

Tomorrow night is a much overdue girls night for me! Dinner and girly conversation ... yes, please!  



 [ five ] 

We are just over one week away from football season!!!  


I've been neglecting the sports section for weeks and really have not much of an idea of how my Sooners will be this season. John says we won't be great. I'm hoping he's just being a little pessimistic.  

Either way, I'm excited for football, Boomer Sooner, fall ... all the good things! 

One hilarious side note: Apparently OU got a new band director and he wanted to "change" a few things about our school song "Oklahoma" and how it's played during football games. A sports talk radio station played it and that set off a huge firestorm of back lash. A day later, the director came out and said he wouldn't be changing "Oklahoma" after all. So funny ... but I saw a comment that made total sense: It's called tradition for a reason ... because it doesn't change!

Who else is ready for football season?? Boomer!!