Five on Friday.

This week has {thankfully} been so much less chaotic than the last 4 ... PTL! 

Now, on to the goods ... I'm linking up with Darci and the girls for Five on Friday.

{ one } 


Big Brother started about 3 weeks ago and, like every summer before, I'm obsessed! I follow BigBrotherLeak on Twitter and they keep things up to date on what's going on in the house. This season's HGs are nuts! Since their time in the house, one has been fired from her job for racist/homophobic comments and another was dropped from her modeling agency -- and they won't know until they're either evicted or the show is over! To say it's interesting is an understatement!! And, this year the nightly 2 hour After Dark show is on TVGN {a channel we have} instead of Showtime so we can watch!

 { two }


Tuesday night Jack had a little impromptu water fun with the water hose. Taking off that 15 lb. diaper for bath time was a real treat :) 

{ three } 

I purchased 4 fun necklaces on eBay earlier this week, so hopefully the shipping from China takes less than 2 weeks. I'll definitely show my pretties when they get here! 

{ four} 


I'm officially 21 weeks today {this photo is from Tuesday, I think} with baby #2. We had an ultrasound Monday and decided not to find out then what we're having. Instead, the tech typed it on one of the ultrasound pics and sealed it in an envelope in my chart. This way at my next appointment I can find out and John doesn't have to know {muahahahah} . I'm pretty certain it's a boy and have only really thought of boy names, so if this growing baby is a girl I'll be super surprised! 

I'm clearly not doing any kind of regular updates this time around, but here are a few tidbits from my second pregnancy so far:

Size of the baby: banana {around 11 oz.} 

Maternity clothes: all maternity, all the time

Exciting things that happened this week: John FINALLY felt the baby move. It seems like every time I call him in to feel the baby it stops moving. And, we got to see baby M and hear the heartbeat during the ultrasound Monday. Best moments for sure!

Jack update: We talk about the "baby in mommy's belly" pretty often and the girls at daycare said that jack told them that he had a 2 year old baby in his belly and that its name was three. The imagination of this kid!

 He is now telling us that it's going to be a little brother. 

We plan on moving Jack to a big boy bed and putting the baby in our current crib. I'm super nervous to move Jack too soon, but we don't want to buy another crib! And, this weekend we're working on cleaning/organizing the garage so we'll have places to put some of the stuff in our guest room when we turn it into Jack's big boy room.  

{ five} 

Today is Friday and I'm super excited for the weekend. We have a little outing planned for tomorrow morning with Jack and then he'll probably stay with the grandparents and John and I can have a date night! 

Enjoy your weekend, friends!