our { long } weekend.

Yes, it's Thursday and I'm just now blogging about our weekend. Whoops! 

Our 4th of July weekend started Wednesday evening with a night out to the Redhawks game and a babysitter for Jack.  


And then the babysitter sent us this! She said they had played outside until she realized the time and took him inside for dinner. I guess no nap + hot days outside = falling asleep at dinner! I've seen countless photos like this, but never thought Jack would do it! Ha ... he has lasted another couple of hours then grabbed his paci {i know ...} and said "come on". He was ready for bed!


Thursday, Friday and Saturday were basically spent in the pool. Jack wore goggles {aka Home Depot safety goggles turned swim accessory} and swam like his life depended on it! The kid is a total waterbaby!


And, finally, on Sunday we went to church {a great, but very blurry pic of me and my baby} and then make a much overdue trek to meet baby Caroline! Jack loved the baby and did a great job "holding" her. When we got there, she was napping and Jack was itching to get in the crib with her!


We had a fabulous 4th, even though I was too pooped to actually watch fireworks on the 4th ... Hope you and yours had a great weekend, too!