Five on Friday.

Hey friends! Don't fall out of your chair, but, yes, I'm posting twice this week!  

I'm linking up with Darci & Co. for Five on Friday. 

{ ONE } 

It's Friday and after two weeks of being constantly "weather aware", we've had an uneventful week ... finally! Temperatures have been in the 80s with a breeze and a few morning rains. I'll take it! I'm crossin' my fingers that gone are the days of watching the weatherman for hours on end waiting to see if the storm is coming your way.  

 { TWO }

For the last two years we've used our big ol' honkin' Chicco stroller and a cheapie umbrella stroller that I borrowed ( ok ... stole) from my MIL. We have a super fun vacation coming up (more on that!!) and I bit the bullet and got us a nice and lightweight umbrella stroller -- the Uppababy G-Lite. We've had it for 2 weeks or so and last night I finally got it out of the box, "assembled" it and figured out how to open and close it. Verdict: I LOVE it! I'm super pumped to use it while we're on vacay. 


 { THREE }

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I have good weeks and bad weeks of meal planning and this week has been so-so. With vacation coming up I didn't do a lot of planning and instead wanted to eat up leftovers so as to avoid coming home to a funky smell from the refrigerator. 

Anyway, I went searching for new recipes and found Slow Cooker chicken and black bean tacos from Skinnytaste. Ya'll ... these were GOOD! I didn't make the cabbage slaw, but spruced them up with cheese, guac and sour cream and they didn't disappoint. Super easy and super good. 

 { FOUR }

Yesterday I met a girl for lunch to discuss Save the Dates & invites for the American Cancer Society's Cattle Baron's Ball. Sounds like the invite is going to have a die-cut (a first for me!) and I'm excited about it. But ... the real story is that we went to a little cafe that I'd never been to and I've been kicking myself since I left for not getting a cupcake! Yesterday morning was one irritation after another and I know a cupcake would have been the perfect mood brightener. But, honestly, when is a cupcake NOT a good idea?

{ FIVE } 

I've already mentioned this a couple times, but we're headed on vacation in the very near future and I couldn't be more excited! The sun, the beach, time with family ... all the good things! Wish us luck flying with our little monster :)