Jack is 2!

I started this weeks ago and I just haven't had the words to actually finish!

Well, 2 years (plus) have gone by since the day we met our little monster, and it's so crazy to think how far we've come!

When he turned 1, I started counting down to 2 (crazy, I know) and now I can't believe how fast we've gotten here. Everyone says it, but time really does go way too fast. I'm certainly not counting down to 3 just yet. I'm going to enjoy my (almost) big boy at this age and stage for as long as I can. 

STATS: At his 2 year appointment, Jack weighed 28.4 pounds and measured 35.5 inches tall. John is worried he'll be short, most of the men in the family are over 6' ... and Uncle Matt was still growing in college! I'll worry when he's 30 and 5'6" :) We finally moved Jack up to a size 7 shoe, but now he loves flip flops and prefers to wear them at all times -- those are size 6. In clothes he wears a 24m/2T shirt and 18-24m/24m bottoms. 

SLEEPING: Minus a few weeks around 20 months or so when he'd wake up screaming/having a tantrum, Jack remains a great sleeper. We have extended his bedtime to 8 p.m. (it just kind of happened...) and usually wakes up around 7 or 7:30. We've had a few 8:30 wakes up ... I like those :) Nap time has gotten so much better. I really jumped the gun on moving him to one nap a day, and for months and months he would only take a 1.5 hour nap. In the last few months his nap is more in the 2-3 hour range. Our bedtime and naptime routines are basically the same: read a couple books (usually just one for naptime) and then say our prayers and into his crib to put himself to sleep. So far Jack has had no attempts at escaping his crib and with the new baby on the way (oh...post on that coming soon!), we're thinking of moving him to a big boy bed and using the crib for baby #2. 

EATING: Jack is less than adventurous with his eating, and I take most of the blame on that one. I think I was lazy and didn't continue trying to serve him things to try and he's settled into the usual chicken nuggets/mac and cheese/hot dogs, etc. meals. He's expanded his fruit choices, but won't touch veggies. I'm hoping to make toddler muffins soon to add veggies to his diet. 

PLAYING: Jacks loves playtime. He's obsessed with trains and has several that Thomas trains that turn on and go themselves. But, he's 2 and very hard on them and they constantly need new batteries! If he had a choice, he's choose to be outside at all times. Either "shooting baskets", playing golf, or riding his little Batman "4-wheeler". He especially loves it when Brady (our neighbor) comes over. Jack's newest favorite is Chuggington and when we need a moment of peace (sorry ... 2 year olds are nuts!), I'll suggest an episode of Chuggington and he'll usually sit and watch for 6-8 minutes. Jack usually loves going to daycare ("school"), but right around his birthday he started crying when we dropped him off. Now, when we're getting into the carseat he'll ask/say "see Addison/friends" (aka go to school) and if we say yes, he'll then say "no Addison/friends!"

LEARNING: Jack can count to 15, but usually starts at 3 and goes up. If asked how many of an item there are, he'll count 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and declare there are 7! Although if he sees 2 semis on the road, he'll say "2 trucks!" He also knows all of his colors and can correctly name them when asked what color objects are. We haven't done a thing with potty training -- he sits on the potty at school, but that's the extent of it. I bought a potty and just need to set it up and start talking with him about it, but I don't think he's ready and don't plan on pushing at all. I really think that with kids things like potty training are easier and less stressful when you wait until the kid is completely ready.

Like I said, 2 years have FLOWN by and I really do look forward the little boy he's becoming!