Yesterday was just awful!

Obviously living in Oklahoma comes with knowing that tornadoes are possible, if not inevitable. But, yesterday was so surreal.

Over the weekend, the weathermen were predicting unstable/severe weather conditions for Sunday and Monday and those predictions panned out.

My family is all fine. A good friend and her family live in a neighborhood that was right in harm's way and they are all fine and so is their house -- thank God! My best friend's office is about a mile from the Warren theater in Moore (where rescue personnel have set up a command post) and she is fine -- thank God! And, another friend of ours lives behind the Warren theater and he, his wife and their daughter are fine (as is their house) -- thank God!

Cleaning up and rebuilding will take a long time in all affected areas. The thought of so many lives lost (especially children), injuries, and homes and belongings lost is so devastating and emotional.

Oklahoma needs supports -- monetarily, volunteer-wise and all the prayers we can get!