Jack: 22 months

He we are again ... another update on le bebe [or le tout petit, if I'm be more accurate].

At 22 months, Jack:

• is very obviously nearing the age of 2. Though not regular, we witness more and more tantrums and hear the word "no" more often than we like. Last week Jack had a rough day at school, so we heard. He didn't get to do what he wanted, when he wanted, and he hit a teacher and pushed another kid out of a chair. Not good at all. But, I realize [as does his school] that he knows what he wants, but isn't always able to vocalize his wants, etc. He'll get there, and I know we'll get through it.

• can correctly point out almost all colors -- he really only struggles with white. And, of course, his favorite is still purple.

• is working on shapes. He definitely knows circles and will randomly point at a cute ornament he made us and tell us it's a circle. We are also working on numbers. When counting, he knows that 2 comes after 1 and he knows 5, for sure.

• talks ALL.THE.TIME. The kid is a chatterbox and adds new words/repeats everything on a daily basis. Some of his new words include: breakfast, flowers, butterfly, rabbit, potty, alligator, basketball. He's also really starting to string words together -- mommy car, daddy car, i get it, etc.

• talks about the potty [paaaie] all the time. He likes to point it out, he like to announce when someone goes to the potty ... he likes it all. Though he's not quite ready to use it himself, he's definitely aware.

22 month stats:

•I weight the monster man just a couple days ago and he was 31 pounds. 

•LOVES: truck books, being outside, milk, airplanes + tractor videos on YouTube, cereal bars

•DISLIKES: brushing his teeth [we're working on this...], having to come inside

•wearing mostly 24 months, some 2T clothes. He can still wear 18 month pants. Size 7 shoe. Yall ... Gracie took him to get new shoes over the weekend and the girl at the store said his toes were curled up inside his size 5s. That was a terrible feeling -- I swear we can afford to buy the kid shoes! 

•size 5 diaper, size 6 at night (Huggies Overnights) -- still the same and I don't see an end to diapers just yet.