7 days.

Y'all. I am turing THIRTY in seven days. Did you hear that right?


Up until about a month ago thirty didn't really bother me. But, sometime between earlyish February and now, something has changed. I'm just not sure I'm ready to leave my 20s behind. 

I had a good run -- college, lots of fun paryting [potentially too much ... but who's counting?], meeting my best friends and still laughing at our stupid inside jokes/hilarious stories, meeting and falling in love with my husband, getting married, having a baby.

Yeah, I'd say my 20s were pretty great. But, that's the thing, am I ready to not be in my 20s anymore?

Whether I like it or not, seven days from now, I'm turning 30. 

Sure, it's just a number, but this is the first birthday/decade change that seems so drastic. I'll no longer be a carefree 20 year old. I have to be a responsible 30 year old. Boo...

But, if I'm honest with myself, 30 is will be no different than 29. Or 28. And, no matter what age I am, I still have my friends and memories from my 20s.

I had big plans last week to do a post on what you guys could get me for my birthday, but life got in the way and it never happened. Oh well ... guess that's what happens when you're busy nearing 30.

Happy Monday, folks. The countdown is on!