what i'm loving.

I'm jumping on the "what I love" bandwagon.

I'm loving that my brother's game/website has really taken off! The number of players has jumped 60% and now he needs sponsors. 


You have to check out crowdini. It's a simple question and answer game. Each day there is a new question with no "right" answer. If you answer in the majority you move on to the next day. Each day, depending on the number in the majority, more people are knocked out and your chances of winning the prize for that game go up. If you aren't in the majority, go back the next day and join the new contest. 

If you're not already playing, go now! You have nothing to lose!


I'm loving Zara's spring stuff. Specifically the shoes. I think I need all 5 pairs, don't you?


I'm loving our little monster these days. Jack will be 2 in May and John and I have been marveling at how quickly 2 years have passed before our eyes. Generally he's a really great sleeper, but over the last 2+ weeks he's been waking up at night. And, when he wakes up he's essentially having a temper tantrum. He screams, cries and kicks his legs. And, as soon as either of us go in there, he calms right down.

Last night, even though he woke up, he didn't have a tantrum. It was more of a whiny cry and he was able to put himself back to sleep. I'm just hoping that I didn't jinx us for tonight ...



And, finally, I'm loving that many of my friends are getting all kinds of good news! New babies, promotions, etc. I always like when good things happen to me, but I especially like when good things happen to the ones I love!