what i'm loving.

Here we are again ... how is it already Wednesday? And ... even crazier, how is it almost MARCH [the month of my birth]???

Here's what I'm loving this week:

• Pretty Little Liars. I haven't seen this week's episode, but the show is gearing up for the finale in just a few weeks and I'm anxious to find out if they really tell us who A is or not. The writers for PLL are notoriously tricky! And, I've been reading Tumblr sites on A theories. I've read some that say it could be Aria, but I just don't know. I like Aria. I don't want it to be her!

Nicole's Classes. I'm in the second, and final, week of Making a Pattern and I have learned a ton. In the very first video I learned invaluable lessons. I really think the money is well spent on these! My friend is finishing up Illustrator 101 and has signed up for Creating an Identity. I'm excited for my other 2 classes: Be a Successful Artist in April and Watercolor 101 in May!

• I'm loving all the rain we got on Monday! We were supposed to get a blizzard, but it didn't travel far enough south, so instead we ended up with 2" of rain. Two inches of MUCH NEEDED rain. 

• All things shopping. I've been a crazed internet shopper recently and I've really got to reign it in. John and I had a date night last Saturday and he said he kind of feels the same way [except, let me point out, he's not shopping for clothes ... the boy loves gun parts. YAWN.]. We've obviously decided it's time to put the kibosh on spending. A girl can browse though, right?

• I'm loving our little monster. His vocabulary is growing by leaps and bounds and his personality is so much fun. The things he talks about most these days are cars, trucks, the potty and jackets. In fact, this morning he woke up and immediately asked to put on his jacket. That boy ...

photo copy.jpg

• And, finally, I'm loving the wedding invitation I got in the mail today. Guys, these are super simple, letterpress invitations. They're printed on super heavy stock and use a gorgeous grayish-blue ink. LOVELY!

Because I know you're all hankering for a new Jack pic ... here ya go!