Jack: 21 months

Our little monster is now just three short months from two. It's hard to believe, but he's seriously growing and changing like crazy.

At 21 months Jack:

• is talking a ton! His vocabulary has really exploded and he's constantly asking "dat" to find out the names of different things. His favorites are cars [cahhs], trucks and big trucks [guck and gi guck], airplane [airpay], tractor [tactuh]. Some newer words are sorry [wahrry] and love you [wuvoo] -- these are my current favorites. He's even started stringing together a few 2 and 3 word phrases. They're all really simple, adding the [duh] before words: duh purple [his favorite color], duh wawa ...

• all about the books, too. He loves to pick out a book [usually Little Blue Truck or Little Blue Truck Leads the Way] and wants them read OVER AND OVER AND OVER!

• is paying way more attention to the dogs, especially Gus. If he's eating something, Gus is right there [of course] and he gets upset and say "no no!" and "ahh don" [get down!]. But, if there's not food involved and/or Gus isn't getting in his business he loves to point out both dogs by name and find them wherever they are in the house.

• eating dinner a little later and going to bed a little later. I noticed he wasn't eating as much if I fed him dinner at 5, so we're now doing dinner closer to 5:30 and he's definitely eating more. And, as far as bedtime goes, we just enjoy spending a little more time with him in the evenings so we've pushed back bedtime.

• loves to sing! You can ask him to sing and he'll stand up straight and "sing." It usually goes something like "daabaa daabaa daabaa..." It's pretty dang cute!

• is all about cars now, too. After a weekend playing outside with our neighbor, Brady, and his cars, Jack is now all over cars. {side story: Last Sunday we went to Target for a few things and I made the mistake of getting Jack his Valentines gift right then. He got a 5 pack of Hot Wheels cars and, of course, he wanted to open them RIGHT THEN! I narrowly escaped Target without a meltdown.]

• sat on the potty! We are not at all close to actually potty training, but they've started taking him to see the potty at school and on Jan. 28 he actually sat on the potty and peed! [TMI??] It's a small victory ... though in my opinion we won't be out of diapers for a long while.

21 month stats:

•At a sick appointment about 2 weeks ago Jack weighed 27.5 pounds, with clothes on. 

•LOVES: being held, sitting on the counter watching us do things in the kitchen, cars, trucks, airplanes, balls, books

•DISLIKES: the thought of Gus getting near him when he has food or good toys, sitting still to get dressed/change diaper, not getting what he wants

•wearing mostly 24 months, some 2T clothes. He can still wear 18 month pants. Still on size 5 shoe, but we really need to move him up to a 6.

•size 5 diaper, size 6 at night (Huggies Overnights)