I lied ...

I mentioned in my Cyber Monday post that I'd be back on Tuesday with an update on life. Oops ... now it's Wednesday and I'm just now hitting publish on that little update. 

Life has been moving at lightening speed the last few weeks.

Almost 3 weeks ago, on Friday, November 15 my water broke and the reality of having 2 kids was hitting me hard in the face! Just nine hours and 5 minutes of pushing later, we met our baby!

And now, we're in the throes of newborn sleepless nights and bottles every 3 hours. But, we couldn't be more thrilled that our daughter has joined the family! That's right, baby no. 2 is a girl. And, no one was (is) more shocked than I am.

My mom stayed with us for about 10 days after Lane was born and then my whole family came to town for Thanksgiving. We had a great time with everyone. Jack had an especially great time with cousins and uncles and aunt Tara in town. By the time everyone was headed back to their own houses on Saturday, we were all pooped and eager to really get our schedule going. 

Since then, John has been sick and I've been on super mom duty with both kids. I think (hope) John is on the mend and I can have another set of hands to help wrangle Jack in the mornings and evenings. 

I plan on doing a birth story post very soon, but until then, here are a few pics of our new favorite girl!