Lane's birth story.

Jack's birth story can be read here.

At my 38 week doctor's appointment on Monday November 11, the topic of induction came up. My due date was November 23, and if I went past, that would put me into the week of Thanksgiving. There was no way I was waiting until after Thanksgiving to have a baby, so I asked about induction. Dr. Porter talked with his nurse and she made a phone call and got me schedule for induction (if needed) for Tuesday, November 19.

With an induction scheduled, I kind of relaxed. I wouldn't be going past my due date, and no matter what we'd have a baby by November 19.

I'd been having some irregular, Braxton Hicks contractions, but hadn't progressed more than a 2 or 3. Dr. Porter said that usually your water doesn't break with your second pregnancy, so I was a little concerned I wouldn't really know when was the time to go to the hospital if I was just having contractions close together but my water hadn't broken.

So, with an induction date set, I had a running list of things that needed to get done before going in on Tuesday. One of those things was to pack my hospital bag ... 

My parents came in town for the OU/Iowa State game on Saturday. Friday night they were at our house for pizza and to spend time with Jack while John was at a high school playoff game about 2 hours away. My parents left for their hotel around 9 or 9:30 and I got ready for bed. Right around 10, as I was taking my contacts out, I felt my water break. 

Jack was asleep in bed and I was solo. I made a phone call to John and, LUCKILY, he was only about 10 minutes from home, having left the game at halftime. 

I furiously changed clothes, and threw things together for the hospital. John's dad stayed at our house that night with Jack. 

John drove mach 5 to the hospital and, after making sure my water had actually broken, we were admitted around 11 or 11:30 Friday night. Our nurse (Kim) got me all hooked up and asked me a million questions. I was having contractions, but she said they hadn't "organized" and that they'd give me some time to see if they would "organize" on their own before starting the Pitocin. Around 2 am, they decided to start the Pitocin to help the labor along. I waited a little longer than I did with Jack to ask for the epidural. And, I wasn't really thinking about how it was 4 am, and the anesthesiologist would have to be called in to do the epidural. It took about 30-40 minutes from when I asked until I actually had it in. 

Once the pain was gone, I was able to nod off a little here and there. Finally around 7 or so, my nurse (now Katy) called the on-call doctor (Dr. Jarvis, the same on-call doctor that delivered Jack!). She got there at about 7:40 and 3 pushes later Lane was born! 

She looked SO MUCH like Jack when she was born and I was in so much shock that we had a girl ... not a boy. 

Lane Elizabeth

born November 16 at 7:45 am

7 lbs, 19.5 inches



Lane is now a month old (1 month post is coming!) and we're really settling in. 

When people say that things are easier the second time around, it really is true. The recovery and transition has been much easier. But, with work, 2 kids, and general sleep deprivation, etc., I feel like all I'm really able to do is maintain; anything over and above my daily obligations is difficult to accomplish. 

But, I know that this will pass and we'll hit our stride sooner than later. These first weeks will be a distant memory. I'll tell ya though, with Jack I was always looking forward to the next milestone, etc. but with Lane I'm enjoying these newborn weeks so much more. I'm not ready for her to be too big!