Almost a month later ...

I can't believe it's been nearly a month since my last post! Days and weeks are flying by and I feel like nothing is getting accomplished.  

With just about 2.5 weeks until baby no. 2 is due, I feel overwhelmed with to-dos and what-ifs. I've had a newborn before, but I feel like I'm about to dive head first into unknown waters.  

I know that things will come back to me, and I know that it'll be ok if things aren't perfect from the get-go but, I want everything to be ok. I don't want chaos ... I don't want the unknown ... I don't want to start all over. Guess I should have thought of that before being nearly 38 weeks pregnant. Ha!

But, at the same time, I know how much I love Jack and there's no doubt in my mind that baby no. 2 will get the same amount. My heart is full, but I know it'll double its size to fit baby no. 2 and all his/her quirks.  And, I know the newborn phase will pass and we'll get to enjoy a tiny little baby again. With a toddler by our side :)


I've been thinking for months about this little business of mine and how I'd love to get some help with branding. Then, I read about branding and how it's an in-depth look into the "why" of your business and I get scared. See a theme here? I'm not one that likes to answer the hard questions or take the time to look inside myself to figure out why I'm doing what I'm doing. 

I'm a third child and the only girl ... and I think (ok ... know) I'm a little bit selfish.  

Anyway, 2013 is almost over and I need to evaluate the goals I made at the beginning of the year and try to figure out my goals for 2014. In making those goals, I need to do some introspective work on the "why" of things. Probably having a newborn and letting life "slow down" for a little bit will be helpful in looking inside to answer the hard questions.  

I've decided it's time I figure out the "why" and really worry more about executing the why and not just doing things to make money. Money is nice, but it's not everything. 


Today is Jack's half birthday -- he's 2.5 which is so crazy to me! I told him it was his half birthday and he was thrilled!

"It's my half birthday, Daddy!!"

That boy cracks me up. And tests my patience at every turn. With the break through of his 2 year molars has been the breakthrough of the "terrible 2s". In all honesty, Jack is a great kid and he's so loving -- we're really lucky. But, his newest thing of not following directions and just flipping the switch from happy and having fun to attitude/scowls and mini tantrums is no fun!

Like the newborn phase, I know we'll get through it. And, through it all, we are trying our best to teach him accountability and kindness. It's not always easy to get the lessons across, but I know repeated attempts help. 


Aaaand that concludes my random/scattered blog post. I've said it before, but I have high hopes of being more consistent with blogging. Maybe that will be a 2014 goal?