Currently Loving: Fonts

Nearly 2 weeks ago, I participated in Alt for Everyone. First of all ... this was my first ever creative conference and, though virtual, I really thought it was great! I loved just about all of my session choices (one of them was a lot of stuff I already know...) and got a lot out of it. So much so, that one Monday night I couldn't sleep so I stayed up til 4 am designing. To say I was whipped the next day is an understatement! 

Anywhoo ... back to my original point. I participated in Alt for Everyone and one of the take aways I had was to really stick to a small number of fonts in all things, especially your branding. Laurie Smithwick really hounded us that you should stick to 2, maybe 3 fonts in your designs. In fact, she challenged us to choose 3 fonts and use those exclusively for 4-6 months. So, I've taken her up on the challenge. Below are my current favorite fonts -- you can see I used them over and over in my Holiday card designs -- and my perennial favorites. 


BlairMDI TT Medium  

I love the modern, wide format for this font and prefer to use it for headline text. 

AW Conqueror Slab Light

The retro-feel of this font is in perfect contrast to the modern feel of Blair. I also love the geometric characteristics.

Bombshell Pro 

Emily Lime fonts are so spot on. Her lettering is, at the same time, beautiful and modern. You can't go wrong using Bombshell (or any of Emily's fonts) in most situations. 

Bebas Neue

It took me forever to find this font! Everytime I saw it, I searched and searched for it. It was a total Eureka! moment when I finally found it. I love its simplicity and accessibility.  


Another retro serif font. Obviously I love modern + retro when pairing san serif and serif fonts. Gotta love contrast! 


As far as script fonts go, this one is very versatile. I love the glyphs that come along with it and that it can be both fancy and youthful.