2013 goals.

Happy New Year, folks!

I have so much to be thankful for in 2012 and am hoping that 2013 can be even better!

All over the internets, I've seen countless people talking about setting goals and making concrete plans for 2013 and I decided it was time to join in on the fun.

I find that writing things down and really digging to figure out what I want to accomplish this year isn't easy. As I began writing down goals, I realized there are lots of things I'd like to make happen, some more grand than others. But, I heeded some good advice and narrowed my goals down to 4.

[ 1 ]  Exceed my 2012 revenue -- 2012 was really good to me, and I'm hoping that through more social networking, more planning and definitely more hard work that 2013 can be even better than 2012.

[ 2 ]  Brainstorm, sketch, create, price and post at least 3 new designs (invites, announcements, party packages, etc.) each quarter -- I've made a monthly plan to hopefully fulfill this goal. I need to set deadlines for new design "launches" and potentially coordinating giveaways.

[ 3 ]  Have confidence in my skills + ideas -- I often find myself feeling inferior or not qualified to be a designer. However, my 2012 success is in stark contrast to that thinking. I'm making it a point to not put myself down and to realize that just because I don't have an art degree I can still call myself a designer and still feel that I can create good design.

[ 4 ]  Try + learn different art mediums -- I've always loved art. I've painted a few things that we have hanging in our house. And, I know I am capable of painting more. I've even signed up for Watercolor 101 through Nicole's Classes. I can't wait to learn that! Also on my list are acrylics, calligraphy and hand lettering. 

 2013 goal writing

2013 goal writing