my weekend.

This past weekend was pretty nice. We didn't have anything planned ... nowhere to be, nothing in particular to get done.


[1] Saturday morning was pretty cold. We have a restless little boy on our hands, so he and John braved the cold and played outside for a little bit. First, Jack went outside in just his jammies, the hat and the vest. Then they came in and added the jacket under the vest. Then, they came inside a second time to add pants on top of his jammies. Jack won't let a little cool weather keep him cooped up inside.

[2] Friday night was date night! After a super delicious dinner at one of our favorite Norman restaurants, we actually saw a movie. In the theater. John and I were talking about it and think that The Hangover might be the last movie we saw together in the theater. {I've seen several with girlfriends, but J is just not so much a movie-goer} Zero Dark Thirty is intense {and a bit more political than I really like}, but I really liked it!

[3] I've been thinking about these booties for weeks and, finally, after lunch with a friend on Friday, I bit the bullet and bought them. I've worn them twice since then and LOVE them!

[4] And, yesterday, after my usual grocery and Walmart runs, I settled in with a gossip mag and the red carpet. 

Happy Monday, friends!