Jack: 19 & 20 months.

Well ... I missed Jack's 19 month post, so this is a combined update on our little monster.

In the last two months Jack:

• is saying "mine". We don't have the "no" problem ... but everything is "mine" and when he doesn't get what he wants (usually his paci), he screams "miiiine!"

• still loves the animal noises. These are the ones he can do: dog, cow, elephant, duck, snake, crocodile, camel, frog, monkey, lizard, seal, lion, owl. He's also talking a lot more. Words he's added in the last two months are: puppy, bye, amen (aahh mee), cracker (ka ka), cheese, bus (zzzhhh), airplane, paci (zsassi), toes.

• is a new fan of YouTube videos. He especially likes dog and airplane videos. And, he's very opinionated of which videos you try to show him. If he's seen it before or not what he's in the mood for he just keeps repeating dog/airplane until you find one he likes.

• is still a little guy and gets frustrated. When we hit a moment like this he usually hits or bites the ground. We work on the hitting all the time, but so far, whatever we're doing isn't working.

• is all over the place. He likes to get in his crib and play with balls or fake sleep. He likes to go outside. Really, anything that involves holding/throwing/rolling/playing with balls ... he's into it. 

• is kind of an inconsistent napper these days. Since we transitioned to one nap we can't seem to find the "sweet spot." I know he's tired by 1130 or so, but sometimes going down for a nap at that time isn't good. Yet, that's what time he naps at daycare. I'm hoping naps can get a bit more consistent at some point.

• is still all boy. He runs everywhere, he likes to ruuuuun and then jump stop, turn around and do the same thing back the way he came.

•has been working on colors and numbers. He knows purple, red and blue. The most consistent color is purple (strange, right?). He's right on things that are red about 70% of the time.

• started waking up at night again. Right after Christmas he was waking up pretty consistently at 1035. We could wait 5, 15, 45 minutes and he would not soothe himself back to sleep. After several nights sleeping in the chair in his room, he went back to his usual sleeping through the night (knock on wood ... always knock on wood).

18 month official stats + 19/20 month stats:

•We went to the doctor for Jack's 18 month appointment months ago! He was 26 lbs. and 33.5 in. (J is really hoping Jack grows another 2.5 inches before he's 2 so he can be at least 6 ft. tall)

•LOVES: balls, dogs, dog videos, airplanes, trucks, fake sleeping, Uncle Matt, Dada

•DISLIKES: the actual act of brushing his teeth (we're going to have to come up with some serious bribery), when Gus jumps up on his highchair

•wearing a good mix of 18-24 and 24 month clothes, size 5 shoes (but I think we're really close to moving up ... like as soon as I can get my buns to a store and get him a new pair of shoes!) 

•size 5 diaper, size 5 at night (Huggies Overnights)