my weekend.

This weekend was very low key.

Friday morning the monster woke up with a low fever. He stayed home from daycare and J and I took turns watching him and getting work done. By the afternoon he was feeling better. But, by late afternoon/early evening his fever had returned and he was starting to get hoarse. 

Saturday the monster woke up with a little fever and didn't feel that great most of the day. It was cold and rainy so it was nice to stay inside out of the elements.

By today the fever had mostly subsided and I think we were all getting a little cabin fever. J and I got some work done and I did my usual grocery and Walmart runs. I'm hoping we don't have to go to the doctor tomorrow.

Now, I'm kicked back watching the Golden Globes. I haven't watched the red carpet yet, but I have it DVRed. I'll be watching that for sure! But! I did see the "countdown to the red carpet" ... uh, why was Giuliana Rancic not wearing her wedding ring/wearing it on her right hand?? Me no likey.

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