family pics.

In early November I made plans for some family pictures. We hadn't had a real photo session since late March, about a month before Jack's first birthday. And, with Christmas right around the corner, I knew I'd want some new pictures for our Christmas card.

A friend I met during my very short time in Junior League has started her own photography business and she was doing holiday mini sessions. I set us up a day and time and started planning our outfits. 

Well, Sunday came and we were all dressed and ready to go. We got to the location a little early and all Jack wanted to do was run around and point out dogs. And, we had all kind of forgotten about daylight savings, so we were losing sunlight fast. 

After about 10 minutes of struggling to get a single good picture, we decided to reschedule.

On our second attempt, Jack was fed and happy ... so we thought! And, we had plenty of daylight. Once again, though, Jack wanted nothing to do with sitting still and only wanted to point out dog after dog after dog that walked by.

But! Megn worked her magic and we ended up with some really great pics!