We had high hopes for Jack's Halloween costume. J had a great idea in September of the whole family having a golf theme -- John would be the golfer, I would be the caddy and Jack would be the hole and flag. However, the idea never really materialized and we were left wondering what Jack could be at the last minute. 

One morning it came to me: a lumberJACK! It was an easy costume to put together and it incorporated his name. The plan was to get new Carhartt overalls and use a plaid shirt he already owned. We drew a beard on his face and I made an axe out of cardboard. Jack was super still while I drew the beard on, surprisingly! This wallet-friendly costume was a HIT!

At this age Halloween is still pretty low key -- we visited a few houses and then called it a night, We didn't even turn on our front porch light when we got home, so we were left with a bowl full of candy. 

I get so excited each holiday and always look forward to the next because I know that with each one we'll have more and more fun with our little monster.