OU vs. K-State.

This post is long overdue, but I need to post it!

For a few years, my brother that lives in CO has been coming to town for an OU home game. This year the whole family came! They drove in [12 hours!] on Thursday evening. We met at Taco Bueno [they love Bueno and don't have any in CO, so it's a must when they're in town] and then we were off to our house.

In our tiny little house we had 7 humans and 2 dogs. We were packed! But, we had so much fun.

After dinner, we trekked down to the playground at the school behind our house and played for a few. Jack desperately needed a bath but was super upset to have to miss out on anything, so we spent all of 5 minutes in there -- just enough time to clean him up and dry him off.

Friday was spent on OU's campus looking around and checking out the book stores. We met for lunch at Johnnie's and then we were back over to Campus Corner to look around more!

Even though the game didn't turn out the way we all wanted [home losses are the worst!], we had so much fun with all the family in town and can't wait for next season to [hopefully] do it all over again!

 I just love this picture!

I just love this picture!