Jack: 18 months

[this may be my first time since Jack's first month that I've actually posted a monthly update on time!]


• is so much more of a little boy than a baby. He follows commands, answers occasional questions, makes some of his own decisions and is repeating more and more of what we say.

• loves to play outside. Now that we've had the time change, we have less time outside after work/daycare, but we do what we can.

• has 2 more teeth, bringing his total to 14. I'm kind of worried after my last dentist appointment that his top two canines won't come in. [i'm missing three wisdom teeth and one of my baby teeth never came out/doesn't have a permanent tooth underneath. And, missing teeth is congenital ...]

• is starting to take to stuffed animals. We have an OU sock monkey and all of a sudden, one day he wanted it and would hug it. And it's the most adorable thing. EVER!

• knows several body parts: belly button, eye, nose, ears, mouth

• went through a few weeks of what I believe was an 18 month sleep regression. All of a sudden he was waking up in the evenings and the middle of the night. And, as soon as I went in the room he calmed down and went back to sleep. The last few nights he's been off the night wakings but up early in the morning

• likes: stacking blocks, carrying his horse and cow around, throwing balls, football, sweeping, Boomer Sooner, the OU chant, books, Talking Tom app, dancing, walking around in our shoes, seeing football on tv

• took a trip to the pumpkin patch [blog post on this coming soon!]

• new words: football (ba-ba!!), truck (guck), car, more, mine, go, duck, bye

• was a lumber"jack" for Halloween [post on this coming soon, also!]

• was a ringbearer in John's cousin's wedding on Saturday and he ROCKED it! I was way impressed and beyond proud of Jack. Plus ... he was the cutest guy in a tux.

18 month stats


•official height and weight stats coming next week when we go to the doctor

•LOVES: bananas, Sprout sqeezable pouches, yogurt, Talking Tom app, stacking blocks, dancing and jumping, milk, walking around in our shoes, "brushing his teeth" [aka sucking/chewing/playing with the toothbrush]

•DISLIKES: all veggies, not getting what he wants, brushing his teeth

•mostly 18 month and 18-24 month clothes, size 5 shoe 

•size 4 diaper, size 5 at night

covered in yogurt and watching the OU chant over and over and over at the rehearsal dinner