what's up wednesday.

It's that time again.

• Today is my mom's birthday! Happy birthday Mom!!

 Thanks to


for reminding me how perfect RedStamp is, I sent my mom this little gem this morning.

• We're going through the almost nightly throw-ups again with Jack. He got over his pink eye and ear infection (and gave them to me...), but now he's got more drainage than your average 17 month old and it's causing him to throw up. Usually at night. Usually all over everything. But after that, he's fine and sleeps the rest of the night. We're off the milk and back on the Zyrtec, so hopefully it'll take effect soon.

• Last weekend was OU/Texas. I missed last year ... but we made it happen this year. And, thank goodness! Seeing that game in person was one I want to remember! It's not often that the Longhorns are half gone by halftime...nuts! I had no expectations on the outcome of that game but I was pleasantly surprised.

• Jack is 17 months and I really need to do his monthly post before I forget everything ... or try to lump it into his 18 month post!

• And, finally, like I mentioned in my previous post,

the Divine Mrs. Ems' Etsy store

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