Tennessee road trip (part 3).

On our final leg of our road trip, we hit the road for a quick 1 hour drive through what I consider foothills to Lynchburg, home of Jack Daniels.

After another winding drive on two-lane highways, we made it to the distillery around 10 am. Our timing was perfect. The distillery hadn't filled up yet, we got a great parking place and got right into a tour group!

After a short 5 minute wait, we were on our way!

inside the Visitor's center

Jack Daniels makes their own barrels. That's wood that has been cut down and fired and ready to be made into barrels

One of the 7 Barrel houses that Jack Daniels has

The freshwater spring that Jack Daniels has used to make their whiskey since the beginning.

Sculpture of Jack Daniels -- it's not to scale. Jack was just 5'2" (the sculpture is 5'8") and he wore a size  7 shoe (this shoes a size 10)

The safe in Jack Daniels' original office.

We're goin' in! (no pictures allowed inside)

Lynchburg town square. 

It's a super cute town that's ... wait for it ... in a dry county. Yes. Jack Daniels has always been in Lynchburg and they don't have the voters to overturn prohibition. 

The tour of the distillery was super cool. It was about an hour and a half and we saw just about everything -- Jack's original office, trucks dropping off grain, moonshine, the mellowing process, one of the barrel houses and bottling and labeling. Even though we weren't able to taste the whiskey, it was really so fun. I highly recommend winding your way to Lynchburg, TN.