what's up wednesday.

I'm so terrible about blogging lately!

I've been doing a little more design work, so I'm on the computer all day and then I'm on toddler duty in the evening and by the time Jack is in bed and we've had dinner, the last thing I want to do is camp out on the computer and blog. Sorry folks.

Anyway, even though the blog doesn't show it, we've had our hands full.

• Starting next week I'll be training for my second half marathon. I'm up to 3 miles
{even though I barely made it through 2 this morning ...} and hope to start increasing my miles. I'm not signed up just yet, but the one I'm shooting for is the White Rock Half in Dallas December 9.

• Last night Jack was on a tear! Ugh, that boy was soo dang fussy and he was HITTING me over and over again. And, when I tried to discipline him, he still did it. And, when I tried ignoring it, he still did it. I don't think he took much of a nap at daycare yesterday, so I'm going to blame his behavior on exhaustion. I don't enjoy nights like that.

• My parents were in town last weekend for OU's home opener. We played Florida A&M. The Sooners looked better than than they did their first game, but not by much. I'm not so sure we deserve our current #5 ranking. But, it was really great to have my parents in town and I know they enjoyed spending time with their favorite little monster.

• Speaking of the home game last weekend, we had a heck of a time finding a babysitter. I had gotten in touch with the girl who babysat Jack last year during fb season, and she was on board to do it again. But, then Thursday she texted me that she had forgotten that her nephew's birthday was Saturday night. Ugh ... cue panic! I tried texting another girl we know who's always chomping at the bit to babysit Jack and after several failed text attempts, we figured out that she had softball Saturday and there was no telling when she'd be finished. So, I had an epiphany -- there's a super cute girl at Jack's daycare, Sydney, who would be great! So, I asked and she agreed. When she showed up on Saturday, Jack practically jumped out of my mom's arms and ran to Sydney. I'd say he likes her.

• I'm working feverishly on an Etsy site. Really, it's ready to open, but there are just a few things I want to do and then I can pull the trigger and open that puppy up. In the meantime, go to my Facebook page and check out some of my designs. And, please don't hesitate to hire me :)

And, just because blogs are so much more fun with pictures, here are a couple recent designs and a pic or two of Jack.

Little Man birthday invite {I also did coordinating banners -- "Happy Birthday" and "I Am One" -- and 2" circles to be used on cupcakes and party cups}

You Are My Sunshine printable poster. {$10 for the printable file}
Want this poster? Email me at divinemrsem {at} gmail {dot} com 

Shabby Western baby shower invite

My loves on Labor Day weekend. We didn't have a swim diaper, but he went in anyway. Right after this, Jack pooped. We cleaned him up and then he went skinny dipping. Ha!

Jack climbed in the ottoman.