what's up wednesday [thursday edition].

Another edition of What's up


 Thursday! Who's excited??

• This past weekend we had several guests in our house. Thursday night alone we had 7 people + 2 dogs! But, I had a great time, and I know Jack loved getting to see his cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents. It's never enough time for all of us to be together ... Christmas can't come soon enough!

Cute cousins! This was after an


face plant into some rocks.

• It's rained here the last two nights and though we've had hints of fall, the afternoon temps are still in the 90s. But, don't tell that to my wardrobe because I've been rockin' boots and scarves for weeks. Maybe my clothes will usher fall in a little sooner than later?

• My Etsy shop is officially ready for launch! More details coming



• Have you guys seen the TOMS flats?? I have a pair of TOMS that I just don't wear that often, but those flats ... they look awesome! I think they'd be perfect for a football game ... the cuteness and style of a flat with [hopefully] more comfort and support. Thanks to my obsession of all things animal print/leopard, I have my eye on these.

• Thanks to being a slacker yesterday, we're one day closer to the weekend!

Happy Thursday, y'all!