Tennessee road trip (part 2).

After our night in Memphis, we were back on the road headed East to Shelbyville/Farmington, TN to see John's family's old homestead/farmhouse/cemetery and meet his distance relative.

Instead of taking boring I40 we decided to take some back roads to check out the scenery. Though it took longer to get there, the little towns were all super cute (kind of Stars Hollow-ish for all my fellow Gilmore Girls lovers) and we got to see things we woudn't have.

We spent most of the afternoon with Sarah and her husband Dennis -- they couldn't have been nicer. Sarah had a scrapbook of sorts that had tons of pictures and information on John's family.

The family farmhouse is no longer in the family. After Sarah's mother, Robert (yep, a man's name ... there's a story there), passed away about 5-7 years ago she and her sister figured out they didn't have the money for upkeep and had to sell it. Sarah said that one of the biggest chicken farmers in all of TN bought it.

Palmetto Cemetery -- the Montgomerys came from South Caroline originally and named their farm and family cemetery after the SC state tree.

gorgeous original obelisks on R.S. Montgomery's grave

The cemetery also has other non-Montgomerys in there. The Montgomerys are on the right when you walk in and others are on the left.

Sarah and Dennis' house. This was the Dysart's house -- their daughter Susan married R.S.

Sarah and Dennis

We had such a great time looking at pictures and hearing old stories of the Montgomerys. We definitely plan to go back!