Jack: 16 months

At 16 months Jack:

• is all over the place. There's no such thing as sitting still and its very apparent where's he been by the "debris trail" he leaves behind :)
• had a serious growth spurt around the beginning of this month. Literally one night his 12 mo jammies still fit and the next night there was no way they would zip. We've moved up to 18 mo ones and he's starting to outgrow them now...
• has a major love for "Boomer Sooner". If we play it he jumps, claps and laughs uncontrollably. He looks around to make sure everyone else is clapping too. And when it's over, he gets upset if we don't play it again. Oh the brainwashing!
• has had his 4th haircut.
• calls all animals and other objects dog (DA!)
• loves making phone calls on speakerphone. He talks and runs around and, just like Boomer Sooner, when the call is over, he gets upset and wants to call someone else.
• loves puzzles.
• is a HITTER. Ugh! Talk about super frustrating. This is one of the worst things and nothing I do has changed this behavior. When he's upset or frustrated he runs over to me (it's almost always me) and hits me. I've been hit on he leg, on the arm, in the face ... it's beyond irritating. If anyone has some insight on how to handle hitting, I'm open to all suggestions.
• is running everywhere. He loves to run and loves to jump and he's alllll boy!
• is a good eater. He's picky but will eat what he likes really well. But, he's started throwing his food on the floor and it's not just when he's frustrated or finished, he's just throwing it on the floor. Boo. He's also getting better with a spoon. He can dip the spoon in the food (usually yogurt) and get it in his mouth. But, don't be fooled, he's still REALLY messy and tends to give up on the spoon and just put his whole hand in there.

All in all the 16th month has been fun. He continues to be a good sleeper (down around 7 and up around 7) (knock on wood). We've had a few nights with wake ups but I think it's his teeth. He's been chewing on his hands for weeks with no end in sight. I really wish those incisors would push on through.

And, though we can't always understand him, Jack is a talker. He repeats a lot of things and has several words that he says on a regular basis (mama, dada, dog, gus, yeah, moo, eye, truck, Jack, more, ball, all done, toodles -- thanks Mickey Mouse Clubhouse). And, he loves to point at things and try to tell us what it is. When you ask him where Mama/Dada/Grams/Uncle Matt are he can point to them all. He gets confused between Grams and Gramps (they sound so similar) and therefore thinks we're saying Gramps both times.

16 month stats:
•probably about 25 lbs (no official stats this month)
•LOVES: bananas, peanut butter throwing/"catching"/chasing balls, blowing bubbles in the water, "Goodnight Moon", running everywhere, all phones and all things that he can use like a phone
•DISLIKES: having his nose wiped, not getting what he wants (usually a phone)
•mostly 12-18 month clothes, size 4 shoe (but not for much longer)
•size 4 diaper, size 5 at night