swim lessons.

Around the 4th of July we signed Jack up for swim lessons -- 4 days a week for 2 weeks. Until around 3 years old, these are parent/tot lessons, which means I'm rockin' my suit and getting in the pool with our little guy.

Our first two days were not good. Jack was excited and has generally loves the water, but when he got in the big pool all he did was scream, cry and try his hardest to climb up me and GET OUT OF THE POOL! On day 3 we moved to the kiddie pool where Jack could pretty much walk around no problem and we turned a corner. It was about 2 feet deep, so in some places it was a little too deep for him, but he LOVED it. And, from that day on, he did so great.

We learned how to kick, use our "scoopers" (paddle), blow bubbles, float on our back and go under the water. If Jack was kind of upset, he'd kick and paddle really well, and on the last two days, he finally blew bubbles. Floating on the back, however, was never his favorite.

Our teachers were really great! Even though Jack was unsure the first few lessons, he really took to them in the end and finally was handing out high fives to both of our teachers by the end of swim lessons!

And, after 8 30 minute lessons, Jack "graduated" swim lessons and we can get in free to some pools around here -- what a perk! Ha!

A little pre-swim lesson watermelon ... he thought it was ok

Waving to our audience (daddy, Uncle Matt, Grams and Gramps)

attempting to float on our back

Kick! Kick! Kick! Scoopers! Scoopers! Scoopers!

Having the time of his life!

Our class: Chelle with Jacey, Ashley with Haze (just a few weeks younger than Jack), Me & Jack, Ezra and his mom and Carly with another little girl who was apparently in our class but never participated. Frank and his mom were unfortunately a little late for the group pic.

We'll for sure sign Jack up for swim lessons next summer and hopefully he'll remember some of his skills!