Jack: 15 months

At 15 months Jack:

• is mimicking what we say and do. There are many times when I'll say something and he'll "repeat" it. This just means that we really have to watch what we do and say from now on.
• has 12 teeth. We've never had a huge issue with teething, but that last molar (that was coincidentally the first one to pop through) was rough.
• graduated swim lessons.
• is on soy milk for the foreseeable future. We tried going back to whole milk, and though we didn't have the issues we had around his first birthday, I could tell that if we stayed on it, we would. So ... soy milk it is!
• loves to throw away trash, wipe things up, dance and fake sneeze.
• has several words in his repertoire -- dog ( "DA!" pretty much every animal and some inanimate objects), Gus, Jack, dada, mama, uh oh (uhhh ooooooo), eye, banana (bayaya), wooo (in answer to "what does a cow say?")
• sticks his fingers in his ears. A lot of times it's when I'm reading his books before bed.
• loves to watch himself in the mirror. He'll do something and then crack up at himself. What a ham!
• knows what he wants and if he doesn't get it, he is super frustrated. And, when he's frustrated, we get some tantrums. He'll usually try to hit someone/something and then bend down and try to "bite" the ground, or bite the nearest object (not us though, thank goodness we don't have a real biter!)
• loves playing with balls. He'll throw them, chase them, roll them ... and he wants to take them with him wherever we go.
• is able to answer some questions by shaking his head no: "Are you ready to get out (of the bath)?" "Are you finished?"
• is able to follow simple commands: follow me, come here, throw this away, sit down
• still taking 2 naps (on the weekends). Last weekend was really the first sign that maybe we're moving toward one nap at home.
• wearing mostly 12-18 mo clothes, but we've had to break out some 18 mo stuff recently thanks to a serious growth spurt. Literally, he was wearing 12 mo jammies just fine and this week all of a sudden they are wayyyy too tight.

All in all, our little 15 month bundle of energy is keeping us busy! I'm loving his little personality that continually shines through, even though occasionally the frustration boils over into a tantrum. There's no doubt that Jack is no longer a baby (tear) but is now an on-the-go toddler.

15 month stats:
•24.4 lbs. (70is%), 32 in. (80ish%)
•LOVES: bananas, throwing/"catching"/chasing balls, blowing bubbles in the water, "Goodnight Moon", running everywhere, all phones and all things that he can use like a phone
•DISLIKES: having his nose wiped, not getting what he wants (usually a phone)
•mostly 12-18 month clothes, size 4 shoe (but not for much longer)
•size 4 diaper, size 5 at night