Today Jack is 14 months. I'll have a 14 month post coming soon, but I took a few pics today and want to remember just what we've been up to lately (today in particular).

snack and sunglasses ... the usual pre-swim lesson ritual

just trying to figure out which is his best side.

ohhh yeah. lol!

And then we were off. I plan to do a full update and blow by blow of swim lessons. In the meantime, days 1 and 2 were complete busts, day 3 was great and day 4 (today) was good.

toy time this evening (post water table fun)

Ha! J put my flops on Jack and he wasn't happy. BUT! He sorta tried to put my other shoes on after this.

And, another thing I'd like to document is tonight's bath. Pre-bath, I was saying to Jack "riiiiiight chah!" (slangy "right here"), and he was trying to mimic it! And, then during the bath, Gus came in the bathroom and he pointed at him and said Gus. 

J and I have talked about it a lot, and we know he's saying real words (and lots of German), but I think we're finally starting to understand some of what he's saying.

Oh, Monster man, you're too much fun!