Jack: 14 months

At 14 months (nearly 2 weeks ago...), Jack is:

• loving food. Right at 14 months, it seemed like Jack would eat his arm if allowed (I'm thinking it was a growth spurt). We've tried peanut butter and it's a hit so far.
• a total charmer. When he's in a crowd, you should see how he works the people around him. He waves, he smiles, he dances, he marches, etc. It's hilarious!
• giving 5s and loves to instigate peek-a-boo
• testing boundaries. This boy knows what he wants if he doesn't get it, we are experiencing what I hope are (but really, I know it isn't) the beginning and end of tantrums. And another bad habit is that he's gotten into "hitting" when he doesn't get what he wants. I've asked daycare, but he doesn't seem to do it to other kids or the teachers there. Guess we're just the lucky ones...
• climbing on things. And, subsequently, learning to slide off the couch/bed/furniture on his belly.
• way into the dogs. He points at Gus (and Lily) and says "Ga" ... Gus. And says Dog (of sorts). He loves to follow them, tug on them, hit them, watch them and poke on them. I have a feeling they'll all be the best of friends for years to come.
• answering questions with a shake of the head. And usually his no head shake is a real answer to what I'm asking. He likes to stand in the bathtub (again, testing boundaries) and when I ask if he is ready to get out (because he's standing), he sits down and shakes his head no. Ha...stinker.
• a trooper. He and I roadtripped 6 hours south to visit my family in Austin. JUST THE TWO OF US! I was super nervous, but of course, our Monster Man was fabulous!
• walking backwards, running, spinning and our favorite ... marching. When we sing March! March! March march march! ... he "high steps" and "marches". It's adorable.
• working on his spoon/fork skills.
• still speaking some form of German. There are several words he says repeatedly, but we haven't deciphered exactly what he's saying.
• still taking two naps. I'm really unsure of how the one naps are going to happen and how I'll deal ... but I'll figure it out when we get there (as usual).
• loves the water -- his water table, the bath tub, the sink, the pool.
• wearing mostly 12 month and 12-18 month clothes and size 4 (but I think we're nearing the time to size up) shoe

14 month stats:
•No clue on the weight -- my big ole guess is 23 pounds
•loves the dogs, throwing and chasing balls, wind-up toys, books and puzzles (mostly just the pieces)
•12 month and some 12-18 month clothes, size 4 shoe 
•size 4 diaper, size 5 at night