high five for friday.

I'm doing my first ever link-up From my Grey Desk.

Here goes nothin...

[ ONE ]

I've been working on 1st birthday "printables" for Jack's BFF. His birthday is at the beginning of September and it's a "Little Man" theme. I really think I've out-done myself. :)

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[ TWO ]

The mister and I finally made a point of doing some meal planning for the week. I've been at it for a couple of weeks, and it's so nice to know exactly what I'm preparing for dinner each night instead of the uncertainty and eating a random dinner at 9 business that had been happening for way too long. 


I'm working on an Etsy store for my designs, and had hopes to get it up and running by early August, but things have come up and it might not happen by then. But! I definitely want it finished and shopable by the end of August. Pleeeeeaaase hold me to that!

[ FOUR ]

We have another wedding this weekend. A friend of the hubs' is getting married. He's the type that we weren't sure would ever get married, but he met the girl and they're getting married about a 1.5 years later. I'm betting it'll be pretty fun. Maybe a pic recap after ... I don't know.

[ FIVE ]

My main squeeze turns THIRTY on Sunday! Like I mentioned, we'll be at a wedding, but I have his bday present and we're doing a little road trip soon. Should be supafun!

Have a good weekend crazies! Stay cool...