I've been a major blog slacker recently.  I have a few posts in the works, but until I choose blogging over catching up on my dvr, a bulleted list of what's going on is going to have to suffice.

• J and I had a date night Friday. We went to an asian fusion restaurant and chose to sit at the sushi bar. Uhh...if you haven't done that, do it! Like, now. Because the last two times we've chosen to sit there, we've gotten a little freebie! The first time we got a roll and Friday one of the sushi chefs made us two seared tuna "nachos" that he rarely makes for anyone. We were the lucky recipients and it was goooood! We luckily had some leftovers from dinner, so we're enjoying green curry for the next couple of days.

• July is super busy for us! Two weddings two weekends in a row and then J and I are off on a 30th birthday road trip for him. Should be fun, but that means we'll be spending time away from our little monster, which always makes me a little sad.

• Speaking of the monster, poor guy has molars coming in. His top two have already cut through (about a month ago), but now the bottom two are coming in. One side wasn't too bad, but the other one is really giving him fits! Poor guy has been on the Tylenol/Motrin and running occasional fevers. Honestly, Jack has handled teething really well since his first one popped through months ago, but these darn molars are tough! I'm hoping by the end of the week that final molar will be through.

• Lots of things are going on with the monster right now ... he starts swim lessons tomorrow. They are four days a week for two weeks. And, the best news of all is that I got a spray tan so I don't scare all those kids and teachers with my pasty white skin. He'll thank me later, I just know it.

• It's so weird to have the 4th in the middle of the week. But, it's kind of fun to have 2 weekends to celebrate. What are you guys up to? Or, did you have your festivities this past weekend? We're keeping things low-key. Grilling out, swimming and maybe set off a few fireworks.

• And, finally, please say a little prayer for this family. They've been so strong with everything that they've been through, and it looks as though the rough road isn't over just yet. I cannot imagine being in their shoes and handling everything nearly as well as they have. And, it's got to be so hard to remember that God has a plan ... especially when that plan involves your children suffering.

Happy monday, friends!