Jack: 13 months

The months are flying by and I can't seem to get caught up!!

This month Jack:

• Fully enjoys soy milk. I think we'll try cow's milk again soon, but really only because it's cheaper than soy.
• I might have mentioned this last month, but we're still rear-facing in the car seat. I'm not really sure how long we'll last, but for the time being we're adhering to the regulations.
• mimicking our actions and trying to mimick words. His talking still mostly sounds like German, but he has a few words here and there that are recognizable
• trying to run everywhere. Walking is no longer good enough, he's on to running
• dances to music. He'll dance to the music on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Jake and the Neverland Pirates and even to random music we play on our phone
• loving our phones (nothing that new there...) and can push the button to make the light come on. He no longer needs to bring the phone back to us for us to do it. Ha!
• had his first plane ride. We took a weekend trip to Denver to visit my brother and SIL and their hilarious two kids. I have lots of pics to post of that weekend and hope to do it before Jack's 2nd birthday...
• has 10 teeth. 8 in front and two back molars have broken through, also. I think we experienced some teething fussiness with those -- not something we've had to deal with much before.
• played catch with John -- the first of many "catch" sessions
• got strep throat from me. Boooooo! But, after a day or two on Amoxicillin he was back to his crazy self.
• gives 5s and loves to play "where's jack?"
• sees a picture of himself and points and says, "Jack!"
• is finally taking baths in the big tub and LOVES it! Every night we're in there until the water is practically cold and we usually get tears when it's time to get out. (After a quick dry off, his favorite thing to do is a lap around the house naked before lotion, diaper and jammies. Hilarious!)
• throws things down and picks them up and throws them down again. It's a vicious cycle.
• is still taking two naps at home. Like I said last month, I'm holding on to that for as long as I can
• is never sitting still. No surprise, but that boy is exhausting!

13 month stats:
•Maybe around 22 pounds (but that's a complete guess)
•loves hot dogs, mac and cheese, bananas, waffles, toast, cheerios, animal crackers, graham crackers, peanut butter bread, grilled cheese (he's pretty picky at home, but the word at daycare is that he eats his fruits and veggies pretty well, so I'll take it!)
•all 12 month clothes, size 4 shoe 
•size 4 diaper