my {second} mother's day.

It's nuts that this is my second year to celebrate Mother's day!

Last year we brought Jack home from the hospital to a house full of grandparents and one proud uncle.

This year, we were on our way back from spending the weekend with two uncles, an aunt and cousins in Denver.

On the flight back from Denver during the 30 minutes Jack slept.

Jack was over the plane ride ... luckily he stuck it out until we made it to the airport. I would definitely say our flight to Denver was better than the one coming back. But, overall, flying with a baby wasn't as terrible as I'd imagined.

I had a great day with my two favorite boys in the airport and on Jack's second-ever plane flight.

I'm so proud to be that little boy's momma and I hope one day he understands just how much I love him and that I would do anything for him. Being a mom is tough work, but the rewards are better than anything I could have ever imagined.

Happy {belated} Mother's day to all you Moms out there. It's pretty great, right?