day-glo baby

So, the Friday before Jack's birthday, with all of my family in town, we went out to dinner.

As usual when we take Jack out to dinner, we got him dressed in his jammies and hit the road.

Oh, wait, I forgot the crux of the story. As I'm getting everything ready to go, I was going through the diaper bag and finally culling things that we no longer needed. I checked his extra clothes and they were all 9 months. Those wouldn't fit ... so I took them out. {dun dun dun}

We met everyone for dinner, and as the evening wore on, Jack was doing great. He started to get restless, so I took him out of the highchair and proceeded the usual pass-around. I thought I smelled a potential dirty diaper, but upon further inspection, he was fine.

I passed Jack to my brother. He held him for a few and thought he smelled something too. And, then Jack lunged for Vic ... and that's when I saw it.

Jack had had a blowout, up the back of his pajamas. And, ya know what?? I forgot to replace his extra clothes with ones that would fit.

So, before I took Jack to the bathroom to change his diaper, I quietly told John that we didn't have extra clothes announced to the whole table that Jack had a blowout and I didn't have extra clothes.

So, while I was in the bathroom, John went across the street to Fuzzy's to get him something.

I left the bathroom with a baby in only a diaper, and John came back with a day-glo orange Fuzzy's tank top. Size medium.

Poor guy!