March photo a day.

Happy April peoples!

I'm not so much an April Fools day person. It's just not my thang. But, I can appreciate a good prank ... on someone else :)

Anyway, I didn't do that great of a job with my first ever photo-a-day challenge, but I have high hopes for this month.


Day 1: Up

Day 2: Our little fruit

Day 3: Your neighborhood (we were visiting friends in Dallas)

Day 4: Bedside

Day 5: A cheesy smile

Day 6: 5pm (Dinnertime for the monster)

Day 7: Something I wore

Day 8: Window

Day 11: Someone(s) I talked to today

Day 12: Fork

Day 13: A sign (that we have a crazy baby)

Day 14: Clouds

Day 15: Car

Day 16: Sunglasses (and a duckface)

Day 19: Funny

Day 21: Delicious (though a bit greasy)

Day 22: Kitchen sink

Day 24: An Animal

Day 25: Breakfast

Day 29: Feet (with unpainted toes ... gasp!)

Day 30: Toy