Jack: 11 months

Wow. To say that this first year has absolutely flown by is both an understatement and cliche. But, it's the truth. We are only a month from our favorite Little Monster's first birthday!

I'm a little sad to see my baby grow up but I'm always eager and excited about the next stage. But, I have to say, I miss that little baby that could just lay in one place, because this new mobile version is exhausting!!

Jack has been walking for a little over a month {his first steps were February 24} and he's definitely gotten faster, more stable and {the scariest...} more daring. We've had a few incident reports from daycare for falls and he is currently bruised in several places. Just this morning he fell and hit the side of his face and now has a little shiner to show for it.

Jack is a great eater! He loves most of the things I serve him {hot dogs, grilled cheese, banana -- but only straight off of the banana, none of that cutting it up business, toast, waffles, cheerios, graham crackers, apple sauce, yogurt}. The frustrating funny thing is that he'll eat most fruits and vegetables at daycare, but if I try to give them to him at home, he spits them right out. Stinker!

We've added whole milk to his sippy cups and, in that transition, have eliminated one of his bottles. And, today, I started the elimination process for the second one. So far, so good. At first, he didn't like his milk ice cold, but since he's gotten used to the taste, he's not quite as picky. So, we're {hopefully} down two bottles, with only two to go! I went about dropping the formula ounces and bottles cold turkey. I tried putting formula in his sippy cup and he hated it! And, rather than have an aversion to sippy cups, I decided to just skip the formula and move on to milk. And, as I said, so far so good.

Our Monster loves to talk. Unfortunately, most of it sounds like German (earning him his newest nickname: The German). He definitely says Dada, and rarely says Mama {never when prompted...} and other than that, mostly he just talks in his own language.

Right now, Jack:

•has a love for the bathroom. He loves the faucet, he loves the shower curtain, he loves the toilet. If I close the door, he gets upset.
•wants to be constantly on the move. This need makes church and going out to dinner a little more difficult.
•isn't as much a fan of his car seat. He gets fed up with it much quicker and sometime we get to enjoy a cry-filled drive.
•really is a great baby. Those first three seem like complaints, but I think he's just a bit strong-willed.
•happy most of the time. He's definitely very social and loves to be the center of attention.
•loves to watch the dogs. He like to check them out in their crates and be near them. They never cease to get a chuckle out of him.
•is going to daycare 5 days a week.
•likes to click his tongue. He learned it from a lady at the paper!
•Saying the d, m, n, f, ya sounds

11 month stats:
•no clue how much he weighs. my guess is over 20, but I do know he's heavy!
•10-14 oz./day and added whole milk
•12 month clothes, but some 9 month bottoms 
•finishing up our 3s and moving on to 4s