On my mind.

I've had several posts on my mind for more than a week now, but I don't have the attention span to make any of them posts on their own. So, enjoy the bullet points!

• Since when did Facebook become someone's personal diary?

I understand the occasional post about a hard day or something exciting. Or even asking a general question to get opinions. Or, even a brag post ... we all love the occasional brag post. But, what I cannot condone is getting on Facebook multiple times a day to lament every moment, or to update everyone on how many bites you took of your sandwich at lunch.

Please, if you get the urge to update Facebook with some bit of useless information, think twice. Maybe you need a blog?

• We are less than a week away from Jack turning one. ONE! I have been so excited about his birthday for months. And, now that it's becoming such a reality, I'm getting sorta sad.

I never really understood people getting sad because their baby was having a birthday, but this one is big. He's really not a baby anymore. Sure, I know when he started walking and eating most everything we eat, he wasn't really a baby anymore, but now it's more real.

I'm about to be the mom of a one year old. Nuts!

• On the same subject as Jack's birthday ... we're having a party for him this weekend. Most of my family will be there, most of J's family will be there. It should be pretty fun!

The thing is, I'm super stressed about it all. I'm am not a party planner! Figuring out all of the little details and making sure everything is taken care of is not my thing. I enjoy designing the invitations for a party and I enjoy being a party guest. Being a party planner ... not so much.

But! I think this should be pretty good. I didn't do everything I wanted to, but Jack has a cute little birthday shirt and bib (Thanks Emily!!) and I made cupcake toppers and I'm going to do tissue poms.

It's not over the top, but I hope Jack knows that I went way above and beyond my usual ways to throw him an enjoyable first birthday party.

• Not only is this weekend Jack's birthday (and my brother Jason's -- they share a birthday!!), but we're also finally getting Jack baptised. It's been a long time coming, but since so many family members will be here, this was the perfect time!

• Things are super busy around here ... as I've mentioned. Jack's birthday and baptism are this weekend, and then we're off to spend next weekend with my other brother and his family (we'll be celebrating our niece's 4th birthday, too)! Should be fun. But, we're flying with the monster, so I've got to figure out what all we need to bring/what we can borrow of my brother's. I'm sure I'll be stressed getting everything together, but I'll be more than glad that we went!

Happy Monday!!