officially 29.

Yesterday was my 29th birthday. Maybe even my inaugural 29th birthday...I don't know. Only time will tell if next year I'm celebrating the first anniversary of my 29th birthday or if I've fully embraced 30.

Anyway, I had a great birthday weekend.

Saturday we were supposed to have a fun little playdate with some friends, but Jack had a fever and threw up {on me :(} so we canceled it. Boo! Jack was feeling MUCH better by Saturday morning, but we didn't want to chance it. No one like a sick baby.

Most of Saturday was lazy {but we were all dressed in green}. J and I went out to dinner that night. We were turned away from our first choice due to electrical problems, but ended up at a super yummy steak restaurant. Even though we had to sit at the bar {and watch basketball}, I had such a great time! Good food and good company ... not much more you can ask for.

Yesterday was my actual birthday and it was perfectly chill. We went to church and had brunch afterward and I opened presents from all my peeps. Thanks, everyone!

And, last night, after no afternoon nap, the monster slept great!

It was a great way to spend the last year in my twenties. Bring on 30 {i think...}!