incident reports.

Yesterday when I picked up the monster from daycare, as I was signing him out, I heard one of the girls tell the "teacher" in his room that I was there to get him. Then I heard her say, "aww, his poor eye." Or something along those lines.


When I got to his room, he was in his teacher's arms and his little eye was scratched. She handed me not one, but two incident reports!

Another kid in his class had scratched him around his eye.

And while walking {or something} around the room, he tripped on a little mat and fell head first into a table leg. Poor guy had a knot on his forehead between the eyes, and a bruise!

Luckily, he's no worse for wear and he's taken it all in stride. You'd never know he'd had two incidents at daycare.

I just love that squinty smile!

Such a boy.

I'm excited about him starting to walk, but these kinds of things make so nervous for him to be too mobile!