how rude!

In the last few days, I've experienced extreme rudeness!

As I've already mentioned, Saturday night J and I went out to dinner for my birthday. The first place we tried to go to was closed due to electrical problems/no power. So we tried somewhere new instead. When we walked into the restaurant and I told the host that we needed a table for two, he pretty much laughed in my face and told me it wouldn't be until 9:30 that they would have a table for us.

The restaurant had a private party on their outside deck which pushed other patrons inside. That's no problem, but don't laugh in my face when I tell you I would like a table for two. I have no idea that you're having a private party. And, I really don't care.

All the guy had to say was, "I'm so sorry, but due to a private party outside, inside seating is taking longer to seat." I would have understood {and I did at that moment that night!} and would have ended up in the exact same place we were that night; eating a nice dinner at the bar while watching basketball.

Either way, remember that I'm a customer. I don't have to spend my money here, but your boss sure would like it if I did. So ... BE NICE!

And, my other encounter.

Last Friday I sent an email to a photographer asking about a potential mini session for my almost one year old. I'd really like to do some pics of our little guy before his birthday, but I don't want to pay a $300 sitting fee. So, I found a photographer's facebook page and her website {her pictures are great!}. I didn't see any pricing/date information on mini sessions so I shot her an email.

She replied yesterday {well someone did, not sure if it was the actual photographer or not}. But ... whoever it was didn't so much as say, "hi" or "thanks for your interest." All they did was copy and paste the pricing information and send the email. Thanks for the email, I guess, but next time could you actually answer my question?

I do not understand people's rudeness sometimes. How hard is it to show a little common courtesy or simply be nice?

I held my tongue {so far} in both instances, but if I were Stephanie Tanner, you can bet I'd tell them like it is.