Jack: 9 months

I say it every time, but this month has flown by and it's hard to believe our little monster is 9 months!

I know I've already mentioned this, but January was a rough month for us. Jack started daycare on January 4. The 3 days a week he goes really seems to work and, though I miss him at work, it's best for all of us. He gets to interact with other people and babies and I don't feel stressed about having him at work.

But, as a welcome to day care, the Friday after he started he got super sick! Since then, he's definitely been on the mend. The only thing we can't seem to shake is the green, snotty nose and a nasty cough. But, if that's all, then I think we're doing fine. The doctor said his lungs sounded great and his ears looked great, so I can't really ask for much more!

For a few weeks, Jack had really lost his appetite. He didn't finish many bottles and absolutely refused solids, especially cereal. But, now that we're on the mend, he's really made a comeback. Except with the cereal. Now, were just giving him baby food and attempting finger foods. He'll occasionally eat a puff, but that's it. He's put some other food in his mouth (banana and blueberry) only to gag and throw up once he realizes it's in his mouth! I'm hoping that when we find something he likes it'll be a springboard for more foods. Fingers crossed!

Yesterday he was scarfing the puffs! Then, this morning, I gave him some puffs while he was in his highchair and he gagged until he threw up. I really think, for whatever reason, he doesn't like eating them when he's in his highchair. Ugh, what a stinker!

Now that Jack is a seasoned crawler, he's rarely happy just sitting in one place playing with toys. He especially loves to drag a toy with him when he's on the move. And, he still loves to pull up and can now stand on his own for a short time (5-10 seconds).

At this point, he has two bottom teeth, and four (FOUR!) top teeth. The doctor even said that 6 teeth was a lot of a 9 month old. Needless to say it's not safe to just stick your finger in his mouth anymore... And, he'll occasionally grind all those teeth! Definitely not a good habit to get into at such a young age.

We've really been working on Jack holding his own bottle and waving hi and bye. So far, we're getting better at holding the bottle. The waving, though, well, he's still a little unsure. But, I know we'll get there. I mentioned last month that Jack was clapping. He's still doing it, but now, if anyone says, "yay, Jack!" he starts clapping! Sometimes he'll clap when we say "hi" too.

All in all, Jack's ninth month was really great. As we embark on this finger food journey, I'm already a little frustrated and nervous. He doesn't seem very interested and everything we've tried has had the same result: gagging and eventual throwing up. Please say a little prayer that we make it over the hill and make some progress on moving toward solid food.

9 month stats:
•18 lbs. 11 oz. (I think he lost weight while he was sick)
•29 1/4" long
•26-28 oz and fruits/veggies three times a day, attempting finger foods, too
•6-9 and 9 month onesies
•size 3 diapers, 4s at night

I completely forgot to take pictures last night. And, J wasn't up yet when I wanted to take them this morning and it's definitely a two-man job these days.